Doctor Strange is the key to bringing the X-Men into the MCU

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  1. iLikemovingimages says:

    Let me guess, a josh wilding post ?

    Dude has a bigger hard on for Disney getting the rights back then rockhead does

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  2. gabrieltosh says:

    So the cast would stay they still wouldn’t let deadpool be rated r

  3. iLikemovingimages says:

    Deadpool will never be R under Disney.

    Only unless it was put on Netflix, and I doubt they’d do it with the massive success of the last film.

    Disney only cares about money, not their fans.

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  4. bud-47 says:

    Yeah sure, that’s why they made an Ant-Man movie and a Dr. Strange movie, because those characters and titles just ooze dollar signs.?

    Marvel cares equally about both and they aim for the median that satisfies both. That’s why they’re so successful. Are they perfect? Hell no. Never said they were. But they do make films that entertain, that everyone can enjoy, including long-time fans.

    The only groups that seems to have a problem with them are the immature, hardcore Fox-Men and DC fans that insist on picking sides and are insecure about Marvel’s level of success as well as the pretentious, wanna-be film enthusiasts with delusions of grandeur, that think they know more about film-making than actual film-makers.

  5. question7 says:

    Fox-Men and DC fans that insist on picking sides, that are insecure about Marvel’s level of success as well as the pretentious, wanna-be film enthusiasts with delusions of grandeur, that think they know more about film-making than actual film-makers.

    Interesting for someone who claims they are not marvel’s like marvel fans are very embarrassed to admit they are fans which is understandable. I respectfully think you mean X-Men and DC fans who actually demand a lot more than just silly dumb comic films like MCU. There is no such thing as Fox-men.

    You can actually go to film school to become a film maker, it is not grand delusions. it is a reality and that is why many directors end up leaving the MCU. Films like Interstellar, Gravity and even the recent Star Trek Beyond is a superior movie to Guardians of the galaxy because those films have a real script and purpose. it is not just immature jokes taking place in space.

    The craft of film making is why X-Men fans and DC fans hate MCU. Success of quality is meaningless and the people who are insecure are MCU fanboys . All X-Men fans are comfortable and secure with X-Men at Fox, MCU fans are not and that is why they are the insure ones.

    An X-Men or DC fan who watched First Class , Batman Begins or Avengers cannot end up becoming jealous and insecure that Avengers made billions.It’s not possible. One film was an intellectual and complex comic film drama with great social commentary.(First Class/Batman Begins) and the other is just disney popcorn garbage under visual effects enslavement (Avengers)

    Where is the true sucess? the quality or the quantity??. If MCU fanboys are secure they will not be wishing for X-Men to be part of their Marvel movies garbage that only them and the dumb masses like.

  6. bud-47 says:

    Whatever you say Wormhole clone.

  7. iLikemovingimages says:

    Lol. This dude is a massive fa9999ot.

    Intellectually cornered and look at his response ????????????????????????????????

    Trolls – Sinister,Scinfaxi,GarrettWNNH,Sammd,Thatguy,Bud47,Darklight,Gomezadams,durandwhit30,cjp2157

  8. question7 says:

    Nah I don’t think he is a fa99990t , he thinks I am wormhole because that may have been his enemy who got under his skin. Marvel fanboys are as weak as their silly movies for wormhole to mess with their heads.

    Bud-47 is just one of those ignorant MCU fanboys who hangs around x-men boards selling the marvel agenda and his sales so far have been poor, it gets more bizarre when he lies about his MCU fanboyism. I guess even the MCU fanboys are embarrassed about the silly marvel movies they can’t help but like.

  9. Alphonse Lie says:

    If 2016’s movie market has been a disappointment to you and yours as of yet, don’t fear! The rest of the year has plenty of surprises and sure-fire hits in store, and we’ve got a list of 8 to keep an eye one! When Doctor Strange hits theaters later this year, one of the key supporting characters won’t be quite the same as how he’s traditionally used in the comics.

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