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  1. jalexander-30158 says:


  2. DarkKnight4141 says:

    He’s not my favorite. But I wouldn’t say he sucks. He’s pretty good at comedy.

  3. LPforever49 says:

    He’s done better at life than you. So I guess that means he’s better than you and you must suck.

  4. mattgesser says:

    Guess that depends on what you consider having done “better in life”. Making lots of money doesn’t mean you’re a good person or that you’ve contributed to the world in a meaningful way.

  5. westprime says:

    You saw the movie?

  6. RomaVictorrrr says:

    fun, inoffensive rap music

    a fun sitcom still in syndication

    enjoyable movies with his one-note but often amusing persona

    not sure if Bad Boys 2 contributed anything positive to the world or American culture, but Will Smith himself I’d say contributed what he could

  7. collint-97280 says:

    The one actual movie star in the cast and of course some funnybook nerd says he sucks.

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