Meesa name is Captain Tarpals… and I approve dis message

Once upon a time, there was a Gungan captain of a grand army. He surpassed da buffoonery of da famous Gungan bumblin clown JarJar. He came to battle da SW message board traitors known as da prequel haters! Hims do battle to drive da prequel haters back into da Gungan swamps. Then captain sends them through da planet core! “Now gooooo!!”

Tarpals actions help create freedom for more SW message boarders whoms love all SW, and supports all SW alien life forms! Dis is why Captain Tarpals endorses Ackbar Ackbar 2016!! For a safer, more secure society! Dis president whoms will defend all SW and put a stop to dese prequel hating terrorist attacks!! Hims will bring honor to the Mon Calamari, Hutts, Gungans, and all SW avatar identities! And most importantly, hims will honor da sacrifice of da Bothans!!!

My name is Captain Tarpals! And meesa approve dis message which many Bothans died to bring you!

“Ouch time!”

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    “…for a safer, more secure, society!”

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