Its one thing to say Rey is a mary-sue

after watching the whole movie and seeing the treatment her character got. But saying this new character is a mary-sue from a trailer where she has 30 seconds of screentime? Dumb. People are grasping at straws to dislike here.

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  1. steffeeric says:

    Girls are yucky.

  2. Troyal1 says:

    Agree 100%. We have no idea if this will feel like an agenda or anything. Yeah she beat up storm troopers but they have been really weak in all the movies.

    Troyaltrollwalker(Darth Spino)

  3. Tristan_Jones says:

    Very true. Shows you how little understanding those posters have of the meaning of the term they use – they just use the term in the sense of “action chick”, “Rambina” or as “strong women, suck bad” term.

    But a MS character is not necessarily sb with great abilities, but sombody who is unrealistically “stealing the spotlight” and gets unwarranted attention in the story, thereby compromising character backgrounds and story (think of the infamous Rey/Leia hug, that is MS writing).

    Dictated but not read, dude.

  4. saviodium says:

    I agree you cannot make an informed assessment until the movie comes out.

    However, peoples (haters) casting of Mary Sue prematurely makes sense given 2 reasons from TFA:

    1. Rey was one of the most by the definition Mary Sue characters to ever be filmed for the silver screen. she met almost every criteria to an extreme.

    2. The almost militarized ignorant defense of said character forces an equally opposing over reaction.

  5. lindewell says:

    Yet this trailer sells her as a major Mary Sue, she is shown very arrogant and beating up a whole stormtrooper squad by hand like they are toy figurines, leading a frontal assault on foot against AT-ATs. WTF, even Luke Skywalker wouldn’t have done this. Besides Felicity Jones said she was the leader of the rogue group! What? A petite posh woman leading a gang of hardened fighters? That looks like a Mary Sue fantasy.

  6. trpea says:

    Let’s hope she isn’t.

  7. R2-D2 spends a lot of the film non-operational. His return to life suggests a connection between Luke and Rey.

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