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  1. breakfastatbindos says:

    Mine is Bothan Acoustic Wave. No, wait… That’s Bose! The sound equipment manufacturer. Never mind. What was the question again?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The question was: Who is your favourite Bothan?

    It’s A Seaweed Wrap!

  3. Reelect_President_Ackbar says:

    Probably Larry Bird of the Bothan Celtics.

  4. Anonymous says:


    It’s A Seaweed Wrap!

  5. Foot_of_Davros says:

    Loved the character Captain James T Kirk from Bothan Legal.

    The truth about Marti Pellow

  6. DancesWithTurds says:

    Bothan Derek

  7. General_Ackbar says:

    Billy Bob Bothan

    When life gives you traps, take evasive action!

  8. Reelect_President_Ackbar says:


  9. DancesWithTurds says:

    Helena Botham Carter

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