This movie is trash!

The original Ghosbusters is a truly enjoyable film, but this reboot is just awful. I didn’t find the puerile humor to be funny at all. I found the all women Ghostbusters to be in your face feminist annoying. Please don’t waste your money on this awful unfunny film. And it had a budget of $144 million! What a joke!

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  1. sforzando_films says:

    Don’t listen to this moron it is a very funny film and the women in it are fantastic. Only reason why anyone would think it’s “in your face feminist annoying” is because they’re… women… and very intelligent and awesome women on top of that. If you really love Ghostbusters and want to see the universe and franchise expanded then you will love this movie.


  2. sforzando_films says:

    I’m *beep* gorgeous if you must know. ๐Ÿ˜›


  3. jedi-jones says:

    Big and beautiful?

    Colonel Miles Quaritch is like some sort of…non…giving-up…army guy!

  4. shellshock-6 says:

    Amy Schumer lied to you. She is a liar. A piggish, visually horrifying fib teller.

  5. ldreese33 says:

    A better question. How many cats does she have?

  6. Predator_Vinni99 says:

    The original is great, this sucks ass

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