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  1. VodDrunkenski says:

    Um Yes it is Muffin Head

  2. timmyp-98035 says:

    Nope. Sony will not do this again. 100 percent guaranteed.

    Stating “were gonna make more” is right in line with every single mishap with this train-wreck of a movie. The lose ~half a billion from this in the end, and they’re going to make another one?

    Muffin head? Who are you Jennifer Lopez?

  3. VodDrunkenski says:

    Listen Bub. It’s getting a sequel so get over it the people have spoken and we say it rocks.

  4. matthewurban says:

    But but but……Sony said so!

  5. shadowangel-599-184270 says:

    Listen Bub. It’s getting a sequel so get over it the people have spoken and we say it rocks.

    That’s why it only debuted at #2 in the US and #4 in Brazil? That’s why it made a projected 46 million (only making about 5000 dollars per theater it was shown in) on the starting weekend, when projections before the release where somewhere between 65 and 85 million dollars?
    People think it rocks so much that theaters in the uk were empty?
    ok then…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Exactly, Sony won’t make a sequel.

    It didn’t even open #1, only in 2nd and flopped.

    There is no reason to make a sequel to this, unless they want to lose money again.

  7. matthewurban says:

    Even if….IF….they had the balls to make a second one (pun intended) it would suffer the same fate as tmnt out of the shadows. MUCH better than the first one, and it failed in theaters. They burnt the audience with the first one which was utter garbage, and in return nobody came to watch the improved sequel. The franchise is done after this. Nobody is going to accept anything else for another 20 years.

  8. Hold_the_door says:

    75% drop? I think somewhere between 65-70%.

  9. Anonymous says:

    FLOP! Its in number 5 now, out of the top 5 after 2-3 weeks!


  10. Karl Bost says:

    I don’t think there’d be a direct sequel to this game, i.e., “what happens after the True Pacifist Route . An actual follow-up to this game is unlikely, and if Toby did make another game, I’m not sure it would even be anything similar to this game.

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