The audience RT score proves people were just hating.

Anybody who knows RT knows the audience score pretty much always drops down from opening weekend. Why? Because all the people who really want to see the movie usually go opening weekend, they’re the target audience, they were looking forward to it, and they rate high. As time goes on it usually drops 5-10% and settled at closer to a more accurate representation of the general public. Ghostbusters is the only movie I’ve seen that went up significantly. It was at 46% when I checked opening weekend, it’s at 58% now. That just shows that people were just down voting it out of hate. In fact I think I checked Friday, which would mean that there’s a good chance lots of those people hadn’t even seen it. Again, pure hate. Never in my life have I seen a movie jump up 12 percent in its RT score from first to second weekend. I don’t know if it’s misogyny or holding on to the original or just jumping on the bandwagon, but the unreasonable hate is undeniable, imo.

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  1. chedi_b says:

    Yeahhh…but no.

  2. bacci40 says:

    rt scores, either from reviewers or audience are not accurate and mean absolutely nothing
    why anyone takes them seriously is beyond me

    some movies are critic proof. this movie wasnt helped by all the positive reviews…mostly because most of those reviews were meh and the marketing campaign was terrible

    so give it a rest. the movie bombed. the ghostbuster franchise is dead. and soon sony will stop making movies

  3. KillingWithASmile says:

    58% is garbage. Plus I never go off of rottentomatoes I always go to IMDB when checking to see if a movie is worth seeing, or at least to see if there is a chance I will like it. This movie looks stupid af and I would say the same if there were 4 men in the leading roles. The fact that I have to say that in 2016 is ridiculous. The media deemed everyone sexist for disliking the trailer, it looks so unfunny that I would rather watch Troll 2 for its comedic value than watch Ghostbusters. I might check it out if a friend has it on amazon or dvd but I am not overpaying for a movie ticket just to see this one early. I have 3 reasons to not see this, none of which have to do with the fact they are women.

    1) The trailer was horrible. There are a ton of movies that are terrible and the trailers make it look awesome. The fact this looked so bad isn’t a good sign. Plus the Ghostbusters brand aside, it looked like a movie I would never watch.

    2) I dislike Melissa McCarthy. I have no idea why, just don’t like her. I dig Kristen Wiig and the other 2 women are virtually unknown to me

    3) The reviews from people I actually trust aren’t very good. The audience ratings on RT mean a lot more to me than critics. IMDB means more to me than RT in general and it doesn’t look like a movie I would spend a lot of money to go see in theaters.

    The only reason I might watch it when it comes out on DVD is because it’s a Ghostbusters movie. If it was another Paul Feig movie, I might not watch it just because of how bad the trailer was. Whoever made that trailer either is completely incompetent or had such bad source material he or she did the best they could in making it

  4. rami-gilneas says:

    “Never in my life have I seen a movie jump up 12 percent in its RT score from first to second weekend.”

    Correct, and the only rational explanation is that Sony is in full damage control mode and is buying positive votes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. castlekrasher says:

    The box office doesn’t say people are just hating.

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