Hopefully the feminists stay away from Wonder Women

Or we will destroy that franchise before it even starts. R.I.P. Ghosbuster 1986-2016

Killed by Feminism.

3 Responses

  1. chedi_b says:

    They won’t. They WILL find something to moan about. They always do.

    But who cares, Wonder Woman will do just fine without feminists.

  2. Natalia-Alianovna-Romanoff says:

    I know what these stupid hypocritical f[][]ks will say “OH SHE’S JUST A PRETTY GIRL AND PRETTY GIRLS ARE JUST SEX OBJECTS! WONDER WOMAN SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLAYED BY MELISSA MCCARTHY!” I’ve actually seen some feminists say that characters like Buffy Summers, Selene (from Underworld)..et. al. are just eye candy. Just because they have a pretty face, they shouldn’t be taken seriously. How about whether a woman is attractive or ugly, they should be taken seriously if they earned that respect. Same with men, whether or not they are an Adonis, they same should apply to them too.

  3. hardseasailor says:

    it already happened in the trailer she refers to a secretary as being a slave,not as her being an important member of the office who keeps it all running smoothly but a slave,more male bashing.

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