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  1. Ayyylmao says:

    Hahahaha all the feminazis that wanted to see this movie didn’t have enough money cause they can’t find jobs with a fucking women’s studies major HAHAHAHA

  2. matthewurban says:

    Yet they continue to say it’s a success lol. The first ghostbusters movie in 27 years opening up in second place with almost no competition and only make 40million is a cool eye failure. It’s done. Star trek comes out next week and that’s where the geek culture is going to go. Anyone who wanted to see, and felt obligated to see this to see how bad it was, has seen it.

  3. brianful says:

    you love using the term feminazis over and over and over and over and over and over and over again dont you?

  4. matthewurban says:

    *complete. Stupid ass phone and not having the edit function

  5. persecuted says:

    how about just, men, you fricking racist!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just men is fine, except Hollywood and liberals have to pander to the blacks to make them “special, different”.

    So I don’t pander. White men till you liberals give it up.

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