This is TERMINATOR GENISYS all over again. Sequels wont happen.

Don’t know how many people here are familiar with that whole sh!tstorm but it perfectly parallels this.

Word got out that TG was going to be PG-13 instead of R. Certain people became enraged. A war started on its board. People were spewing hate all over the place. Some guy named Bryan was doing hundreds of posts a day for months about how big of a bomb it would be.

It came out to mostly mixed reviews. Wasn’t as bad as expected. Had a similar budget (155m). It didn’t completely flop at the BO coming out of the gate but it wasn’t exactly killing it either. When it wasn’t a flop or a blockbuster hit, the debate on the board shifted to how much theaters take in different markets and how much was probably spent on advertising.

Two sequels were planned and already had release dates. There was a teaser in the end credits for the next one. When it was underperforming early on the studio said the sequels were still going as planned. Even after its theater run they were still trying to put on a good face about it.

It ended up making 440 worldwide and another 25 in DVD/blue-ray. 465 million on a 155 budget. Fans of the movie were saying by the time it gets to blue-ray and cable markets it’s gonna be all profit.

Studios don’t spend that kind of money (144 for GB) to make and market summer movies to hope their heads are above water by the time they hit the DVD racks. They shell out a couple hundred million hoping they’re going to be raking in the profits by the truckload. The fact that the debate for GB has shifted to theater percentages spells doom. Paul Feig said it best, “If this movie doesn’t make 500 million I’m in trouble.”

It’s not going to even come close to where the studio wanted it to be.

And the planned sequels for TG? Still currently shelved.

You said I was wrong which is attacking me rather than my argument” -Monkeydoctor7

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  1. ruiner420 says:

    Never saw it. Was it good?

    Don’t give up the fight for truly independent cinema!

  2. Anonymous says:


    “You said I was wrong which is attacking me rather than my argument” -Monkeydoctor7

  3. ruiner420 says:

    Cool. I stopped really caring after part 3. What are they up to now?

    Don’t give up the fight for truly independent cinema!

  4. Anonymous says:

    TG was #5.

    “You said I was wrong which is attacking me rather than my argument” -Monkeydoctor7

  5. ruiner420 says:

    Cool. Wonder if they’ll make more.

    Don’t give up the fight for truly independent cinema!

  6. ForbiddenArms says:

    People are way too easy on Terminator Genisys. That movie was awful. It literally erases the first two Terminator films (which are the only GOOD Terminator films), the timeline make NO *beep* SENSE at all, and a certain character gets completely crapped on in the end. It baffles me that this movie doesn’t get enough hate. At least Salvation was a more cohesive movie.

  7. shadowangel-599-184270 says:

    the timeline make NO *beep* SENSE at all

    The timeline and everything around those movies made no sense to begin with. The entire “Kyle Reese is John Connor’s father but has first to travel back in time to conceive him` thing makes no sense from a logical point of view.
    Terminator 3 already made no sense because they destroyed everything in Terminator 2. It was like a movie playing in an alternate universe where T2 happened differently.

    I saw Salvation and Genisys recently back to back and thought Salvation was just plain bad, it had absolutely no redeeming quality, ripped of Demolition Man of all movies and most of the stuff made no sense. Considering it was an apparent warzone, why were most scenes so peaceful? Connor cassually stepping off a plane at an airfield…where are the Terminators? Where’s the war? It made no sense. Just as Skynet hunting down Kyle Reese long before the entire `let’s send him back in time” thing was a plan.

    Genisys on the other hand is kind of a “so dumb it’s fun” thing. As if somebody took a fanfic and filmed it. It’s not a good movie but i was more entertained by it than Salvation where i shook my head at most of the stupid moments that were played out too serious.

    Fact is the only good Terminator movies are the first two, i think everyboy agrees with that.
    Personally, if i was forced to watch another, i take Genisys over T3 and Salvation but i wouldn’t rewatch all 3 of them unless i really have to.

  8. KnowbyWarriorLives says:

    TERMINATOR 1 and 2 are one big closed loop. Past cannot be changed. It’s a fixed timeline.

    TERMINATOR 3, 4 and 5 never happened. They were hallucinations.

  9. Theoden_of_ODU says:

    It “makes no sense” from a logical standpoint but paradoxes (specifically the grandfather paradox) is a standard staple of science fiction time-travel stories.

    Terminator 2 is a slicker, more action packed and exciting film, but I always thought the story was pretty flimsy. There should be *no* way to stop Judgement Day. Kyle Reese is sent back in time to conceive John Connor (T1). It always happened. It will happen. It will always have happened.

    Terminator 3 is weak, but it’s not completely un-salvageable. Personally, a lot of it’s (initial) poor reception stemmed from the PG-13 rating it got in 2003. The one redeeming part of the film is that it proves that Judgement Day was inevitable, and that the paradox was and will always happen. Salvation is a movie that suffers horribly from studio intervention. There’s two competing stories in that film, and Sam Worthington is so completely devoid of charisma that the movie is left with not a lot to work with.

    Genisys feels like someone watched Star Trek 2009 and thought they could do a soft-reboot of the series using time travel and then totally mucked it up because they didn’t know what they were doing. Genisys *could* have been a better movie if it had just been a straight reboot and totally dumped the entire franchise’s continuity. It also could have been as bad as the final product was.

    If they wanted to make another Terminator, they should have just figured out what worked with Salvation, and continued in that timeline.

    No, not the mind probe!

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