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  1. dethnoble says:

    Welcome to ‘new age’ feminist logic.

  2. dahaka-535-16877 says:

    I guess two wrongs DO make a right?

  3. Outstandingness says:

    the annoying thing is Annie Pots in GB wasn’t stupid, and especially not caveman level dumb like Hemsworth in GB16. Potts had some intelligence and sass, Hemsworth is the Feig fantasy of what he thinks is happening in film.

  4. bcjester says:

    Two wrongs make a Hemsworth apparently. lol

    I’ve baited my hook with my own underwear. Is it wrong that I hope to catch a fish I can relate to?-Ragdoll.

  5. Jan_El_Senor says:

    Did someone say that’s equality?

    Please stop.

  6. ruiner420 says:

    I didn’t see anything wrong with it. He was great in that role, really funny

    Don’t give up the fight for truly independent cinema!

  7. rikalonius says:

    Was Annie Potts really ‘hot’. She was by no means dumb, but she wasn’t a scientist, and didn’t have any idea about the extremely niche sub-science of studying the paranormal. She was a good secretary in the quintessential 80s New York vain. “Whadda-ya-want?” Classic. Janine wasn’t a caricature like Kevin. So it’s actually worse.

  8. rami-gilneas says:

    Well, people pretended that no one liked the trailer because sexism. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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