Product Placement

I’d say the thing that angered me the most in this movie was the blatant product placement.

The 5 minute long scene with Pringles?

The 5 minute long Papa Johns pizza eating scene?

it was never ending, and flipping annoying

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  1. HankFinley says:

    Be careful what you say, defenders will point to something from the original and say “SEE THIS HAS PRODUCT PLACEMENT” And not realize it is not the same, both in terms of the placement and the degree of it.

  2. TerrorTribble says:

    And how was it not the same, oh brilliant one who didn’t know why the original film had Coke product placement everywhere?

  3. TerrorTribble says:

    It’s not that big a deal in GB16; they didn’t even announce the names of the products. Unlike the originals, which managed to say Twinkie or JELLO several times in under 6 seconds, lols. Product placement is a fact of life.

  4. HankFinley says:

    For one, it wasn’t paid that much attention. Compare it to the scene with the Pringles. THey actually made reference to it. No one made reference to the Coke, it was just there.

    Secondly, it was never shot to take center focus, like that Pizza Hut scene in the first reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, another *beep* remake. They made the it front and center. The Coke placement is just there out of the way, not BUY THIS in your face.

    The twinkee scene actually sets things up, which is also different than any product placement in the reboot. Helps establish Egon’s love for sweets along with the chocolate bar Peter gives him and helps give a frame of reference to what is going on. The pringles and the papajohn Scene does not.

    Besides you are in New York, who uses PapaJohns.

  5. HankFinley says:

    And Jello wasn’t a product placement. It was a reference, once again referencing what was going on and to provide a witty Joke, something this movie can’t comprehend, witty jokes

  6. DouglasHauser says:

    Blame Rik and Ade for my bad language, they influenced me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I understand there will be product placement in movies, even in the original 2 movies they made, but this was just so in your face for a ridiculously extended period of time every single time they did it

    I saw the pringles can, understood the need for the financing from it, and then unlike other movies the can sat there for 5 minutes blatantly in my face

    papa johns was the same

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