Have you ever experienced a Ghost Poo?

I just dumped my lunch and took a peak and there was nothing in the toilet, I called the plumber they said it was demonic in nature; I need someone to investigate the paranormal experience I keep having.

Who should I call?



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  1. chakaflange says:

    How about the chick from iZombie?

  2. rat_eater says:

    check the ground around the left or right side of the toilet bowl. you’re welcome.

  3. AnusPresley says:

    briandoodoo – it’s all in the name

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    # SJWs Always Double Down
    # SJWs Always Project

  4. Donnee_Darkrr says:

    You may have a haunted colon. Have you considered a holy water enema?

    Superman R.I.P 1938-2013: Look up in the sky.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will I need a priest to perform this?



  6. Yea I’ve seen one!!!we talked n after fews hours dissappeared!!and that same ghost came urging me to come n follow him which I refused..it took prayers n fasting from family for my salvation You would have asked the Ghost to go get some good cash from the bank. No mind me oh, seriously u get mind sha!

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