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I was one of those that was incredibly upset when I heard they were shooting this with an all-female cast. I remember the original and while it was good, I don’t think it is as fantastic as a lot of people pretend it is. I originally had zero intention of seeing this movie.

Saturday night I decided to take the kids to see Ice Age because, well, they’re all under 10 and watch all the Ice Age cartoons every other day. We got to the theatre and the littlest one says to me “I want to see Ghostbusters.” The other two jump on that train and agree that Ghostbusters is the better choice.

So we watched the movie and it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. There were a few ‘dumb’ jokes that made me laugh, there were a couple clever ones that made me laugh a little more. Did it try and be funnier than it was? For sure. But is it two hours of zero laughs? Not at all.

The storytelling isn’t too terrible and it’s simple enough where my ten and eight year old were able to comprehend it. The four year old, well, she just squeezed my arm a couple times until I reassured her the ghosts weren’t real and (***spoiler alert! skip to next paragraph if you don’t want a minor spoiler!***) she especially felt more comfortable about ghosts and laughed pretty hard at Slimer driving around in the car with his wife.

I’m not saying rush out to theatres and watch it now. Watch it on DVD, from a Redbox for $1.50, watch it at a friends house for free. It’s not a terrible movie. It’s MOSTLY kid friendly aside from a couple swear words and a couple inappropriate jokes that my kids didn’t pick up on though pre-teen kids very well may. It’s entertaining and has a few great nostalgic cameos and references in it for fans of the original.

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  2. NoOneCares_LOL says:

    (It’s already on torrent sites, no need to blow any money) LOL

  3. Outstandingness says:

    what kind of watch?

  4. Cringe_Factor says:

    Maybe a second casio

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