If GB makes 100 Mil domestic and 100 Mil international does Sony..

..get the same amount of money from each source?

Shall we play a game?

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  1. dethnoble says:

    I know that some international regions are as low as 25% (like China).

    On top of it, there’s localization costs for the film too.

  2. shadowangel-599-184270 says:

    No of course not, hence why US studios are focused on the domestic box office.
    Internationally there’s a lot of added costs: Distributors take more money since usually they also pay for overdubbing into whatever language, maybe re-cuts of the movie (for the age rating), there’s more cost for advertisement, taxes and other expenses all around.
    In their domestic country, the production studio takes in about 50% (rough estimation that usually works) of the Box Office, while from foreign countries it’s lower, 40% or sometimes even less. Hence why a US movie can do great on the foreign market but is still considered a financial failure.

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