Predict The Box Office, IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes

Opening weekend: 35.000.000

Domestic total: 75.000.000

Worldwide total: 300.000.000

IMDb Rating: (my wish is to be 6.5/10 but that’s never going to happen so) 5.2/10

RT: 13/100

What are your predictions guys?

9 Responses

  1. gilbert_gumphrey says:

    Pretty good predictions I say.

    Opening Weekend: 40 mill

    Domestic Total: 90 mill

    Worldwide: 250 mill

    IMDb: 6/10

    RT: 35/100

    Now, I don’t exactly want all this to happen; ironically, I kind of want it to be a surprisingly good movie that actually doesn’t make much money (cause I hate watching crappy movies, but I’m also sick of Hollywood plundering old movies to remake, so if it turns out good but also bombs I’d be happy).

  2. stevefromphilly says:

    Opening weekend: 10,000,000

    Domestic total: 26,000,0000

    Worldwide total: 98,000,000

  3. johncg25 says:

    I agree with most of that, except the film critics seem to salivate over Paul Feigs mediocre garbage, so it will get much higher than a 13 on RT.

    For instance “Spy” was completely mediocre, and not very good. I gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars…and it had a “94%” on RT, but a user score of only 79%.

    His subpar movies have been propped up by ridiculous favorable reviews by the film critics for some reason, who happen to love the bad jokes, and social agenda. Not a single Feig movie has been particularly good. Bridesmaids was decent although McCarthy did not laughably deserve an Oscar nomination for it (?) and the rest have been even worse just mediocre with the same “awkward” jokes over and over. Not terrible, but by no means “good”, and laughable to get a 94%, when the user score is only 79%.

  4. matthewurban says:

    Because critics know that if they don’t praise his works of garbage they will immediately be labeled sexist

  5. StrontiumAE says:

    It will probably be number one in the box office, just from brand recognition alone. Remake or not, its the first Ghostbusters we have had since the 80s. That said, I can see it having a BvS type drop in the second week.

  6. Final_Hitokiri says:

    I can see it having a BvS type drop in the second week.

    That sounds about right.

    Huge take opening weekend, then a massive dropoff.

  7. stevefromphilly says:

    Opening weekend will be a massive disappointment for them.

  8. Final_Hitokiri says:

    I wish it would be massively disappointing opening weekend at the box office.

    It just seems that with this much hype, it’ll still make money. Then again, it could be another Snakes on a Plane.

  9. stevefromphilly says:

    and it was.

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