Sequels will not happen and here is one major reason whu


China hates anything that involved ghosts. They ban movies like that cause they fear it will insight people to join cults. And with this movie doing poorly world wide and no China release, making a sequel would literally be asking for a bomb.

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  1. Fentoozler04 says:

    Here’s another reason why: IT SUCKED

  2. MrRowBot says:

    China does not buy anything. They bootleg everything.

  3. LivingWitness says:

    The Chinese look like ghosts. Maybe they think ghost movies are racist

  4. Suntory_Times says:

    China is the worlds second biggest market for films and in a few years very well may be the largest.

  5. Johanna479 says:

    China is the reason that we are going to get Pacific Rim 2.

  6. hASEROT says:

    if this movie were good, and didn’t suck… we wouldn’t need China..

    had this movie had a better script, better director, and been rolled out as Ghostbusters 3 – meaning a legit sequel, bringing back Aykroyd and Hudson as the two remaining ghostbusters to pass the baton to a younger crew.. this movie would’ve banked in over $100mil opening weekend just here in the US alone.


  7. TrollInTheDungeon says:

    Though it should still be noted that, as far as Hollywood is concerned, domestic markets will continue to take precedent over the Chinese market due to the huge cut their theaters get, though they’ll still do what they can to get movies released over there.

  8. Suntory_Times says:

    Absolutely, but as the market continues increasing it becomes increasingly important for films with massive budgets to release there. Honestly I think it is deplorable that China cinemas are not allowed to show a film because it has ghosts in it, but at the same time I understand that a lot of pandering is going to start occurring (it has already happened and has generally hurt the films by forcing it in).

    Honestly Hollywood needs to leverage whoever is blocking the films in China to allow more reasonable terms. But there short sighted profits for now has seemingly gotten the better of them.

  9. Natalia-Alianovna-Romanoff says:

    Despite the fact that The Force Awakens didn’t do well in China it still became the 3rd highest grossing film of all time because the general public loved it. Can’t really say the same about Ghostbusters 2016, so it can use the Chinese Yuan, though it’s not going to get it.

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