Its just a bad idea

Certain things are just to famous to remake. Remeber that powerhouse Pyscho remake. And Ghostbusters is too famous to remake. So yeah it’s a bad idea. And trying to justify a remake by changing the charteres race and/ or gender is also a bad idea. Remember that all black remake of Honeymooners that no one liked. It just comes off as gimickey. And it certainly isn’t helping women, putting them in a remake that can’t possibly compete with the original. Yeah all and all this was a terrible, God less idea. And it’s clear y it’s blowing up in their face.

i told you not to stop the boat. Now lets go. Apocaylpse Now

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  1. Outstandingness says:

    Agreed. There’s a classic Simpsons where an agent hyped up a revival of Planet of the Apes by adding `…it’s a musical!` as if the twist made it better. Same for this. As well as a reboot being unnecessary overall, the idea of a gender swap doesn’t add anything real value outside of a gimmick.

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