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  1. rami-gilneas says:

    Well, maybe after Sony filed for bankrupcy and sold the Ghostbuster rights to Disney we might get another rebooot with an all male cast. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. EvilBloodyDoll says:

    Get over it. It did bomb and there prob won’t be a sequel

  3. Anonymous says:

    There was already talks of a another one. ??

  4. twinzam-v says:

    Talk is cheap, a 300 million hole isn’t. ??

  5. helluvadrug says:

    Read between the lines. Sony Films just announced a drastic cutback… like a few days ago. If there’s ever a sequel to this, it will not have the same cast or creator.

  6. MsMelbaToast says:

    Okay, goodbye!

    Too bad when you do come back, you will have to face the reality the the “know it alls” were correct and a sequel will not happen unless it’s direct to DVD.

  7. galahadfairlight says:

    You wont need to leave it a year…..come back tomorrow? Should be long enough to know it failed.

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  8. jeremy-david-kuehnau says:

    No, they were talking about three movies even before the first one was even finished in production.

    They wanted one with a all female cast, one with a all male cast and a third where both groups come together to fight Zuul or whatever.

    You don’t think they don’t plan this *beep* ahead of time?

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