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Shania dating a hockey player? 0

Shania dating a hockey player?

From MSNBC: Maple Leafs backup goalie Curtis Joseph is rumored to be seeing Canadian country star Shania Twain, a rumor he has neither confirmed nor denied.

Is she a fridgid B? 0

Is she a fridgid B?

She has to be, because I can’t think of another reason why someone would step out on her. Could you imagine that smiling face looking down at you while she…..went for a ride….damn.

Forever and for always help 0

Forever and for always help

In the video she wears that top, where the arms are like attatched if that makes sence, but i think everyone should have seen it on here. Does andyone know where i can get...

New CD? 0

New CD?


Summer Tour 0

Summer Tour

Shania will be touring throughout the US and Canada this summer. She was in Toronto the past couple of days on various morning shows being interviewed.

Jan. 3rd episode of ET. 0

Jan. 3rd episode of ET.

On Monday, Jan. 3rd, Entertainment Tonight ended the show with a Shania Twain video clip. Does anyone here remember which song it was a clip of? Thanks in advance. If our philosophy on life...

On Argentina 0

On Argentina

Does anyone know if she’s planning on coming here in a near future?? because she hasn’t been here and I’d love to go to one of her concerts!

Home Movies…Why, Thats So….So…ZZZZZZZZZZ   ZZZZZZ 0

Home Movies…Why, Thats So….So…ZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZ


She needs to……. 1

She needs to…….

start dressing her age instead of trying to look like a 22-year old. How old is she now..49??? Some pictures of her just look RIDICULOUS. Maybe hire a stylist that can give her a...

Without Mutt Lange…. 4

Without Mutt Lange….

…writing with her on her albums, do you guys think her comeback will be huge success? Her entertaining aspect is unquestioned. However, I wonder if she will be able to do her old songs,...

What happened to her fame? 6

What happened to her fame?

In the last 5 years no one ever mentions her anymore. I still think about her and her music and sometimes I see a young actress who looks like a young Shania Twain and...

Happy Birthday 9

Happy Birthday

Wishing Shania all the best on her birthday I’m a totally bitchin’ bio writer from Mars!



God I love her, but that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! ;I’m gonna slit your eye lids in half, so you don’t blink when I stab you in the...

On Oprah (5/3/11) 7

On Oprah (5/3/11)

I loved the interview, but I have to note a few things. Oprah made a pretty accurate observation that Shania blamed "the other woman" a lot more for the infidelity than her husband. I’d...

Does anybody REALLY believe….? 8

Does anybody REALLY believe….?

It was a coincidence she married her former best friend’s ex husband…? I mean, duh, her ex best friend cheated on her when she was married, and then she marries her ex-husband? I don’t...

I wonder what shes like in person… 8

I wonder what shes like in person…

Of course I’m sure there would be some of the typical overly private star attitude to get by before she would talk. Who’d blame her for that with people with cameras following her around....

did she retire? 3

did she retire?

no new album since 2002 and I haven’t seen her mentioned anywhere on tv for a long time Learn your damn homophones.

Some things to talk about … 1

Some things to talk about …

So I’ve noticed a little lack of activity on this board and since Shania Twain is probably my favorite singer there’s a few things I wanted to talk about. So Shania has been 8...

What does she do all day? 5

What does she do all day?

Ok, I know she recently got married, so I assume she wants to enjoy her new life with her new man, but what is on the horizon? Is she going to be writing any...

Watching music videos with her kid 4

Watching music videos with her kid

What do people reckon are the chances that Shania’s allowed her young son, Eja, to watch the videos to her songs? Would she let him, or not? I just wonder what he thinks of...

New album? 5

New album?

I haven’t seen any news about Shania, granted I haven’t been looking very hard. Is she still trying to make a comeback? I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me.

Give us music! 1

Give us music!

We miss you, Shania Twain! I grew up listening to Shania and nothing quite compares to her sound. She just made music better and I miss feeling such an attachment to music.