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My Theory on Justin being a woman 1

My Theory on Justin being a woman

Let’s face it…Justin’s real name is Justine…He’s actually a SHE. So hollywood manufactured `him` and created this person into a guy so that they would appeal to teenage girls. If `Justin` came out singing...

Massive double standard at play 8

Massive double standard at play

Last year, when Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and several other female celebrities had nude photos leaked, people were outraged, and claimed that even viewing them is tantamount to committing rape, that people who view...

Happy Birthday, Justin! 3

Happy Birthday, Justin!

Wow! Can’t believe that tomorrow is your birthday! Happy Birthday to Justin Bieber whose hit singles include Baby featuring Ludacris, One Time, Where Are U Now?, Love Yourself, and Sorry. Congratulations! Let’s hope all...

Lesbian? 8


I’ve noticed that she always dates women, but has she ever officially came out as a lesbian? Or is this just a phase that she’s going through?

Has no respect for women! 7

Has no respect for women!

He really doesn’t. He’s almost really misogynous. All those models he hangs out with, you really think he gives a damn about their feelings and whatnot?!? Of course not. He’s just in it for...

Justin and Courtney K 3

Justin and Courtney K

There are rumhis ors they are hooking up. Good grief, she is nearly old enough to be his mom. But I think he stated he likes them older, which is typical of young men...

Justin and the Grammys 4

Justin and the Grammys

Do you think that Justin will ever win a Grammy. I think he might. His current album is way better than Believe, especially since he didn’t get all presumptuous about it (i.e. sweeping the...

Petulant child 3

Petulant child

Fans of Justine may ask why so many people have such little respect for him – well it’s because he acts like a spoiled baby. He did it again recently by storming off stage...

$2000 for "meet and greet" 4

$2000 for "meet and greet"

#justiceforbrokeliebers is trending right now, because Justin is charging $2000 per person for the “meet and greet”. This is where fans pay money to have him sign stuff or whatever. Pretty pathetic. – ^Signature...



I saw a bit of the Justin Bieber roast and his responses were so funny. He’s funnier than most stand up comedians I’ve seen cos he does it so naturally and he wasn’t trying...

Well, good for him! 9

Well, good for him!

Not bad at all. Who knew? So I guess that all the speculation can officially be over. But I don’t believe for one second that he’s upset that those photos leaked out. Sister, when...

Eww his platinum blonde hair 2

Eww his platinum blonde hair

why does he like color so much? Does he wanna look like emeniem. Lol. I actually remember the time he dark brown hair. He look decent in that color.

Is there a film app 1

Is there a film app

Is there anyway that there’s an app that sends you warnings when a film is coming out. That has a complete twat in it that you don’t want to see. Zoolander 2 for instance...

i got respect for the guy 2

i got respect for the guy

i’ve never heard his music, not one song. i’m in my 30s so i have had no exposure to him other than the comedy central roast last march. but, from what i hear about...

Does anyone think his friends 1

Does anyone think his friends

Just use him for fame and money. I don’t think he has very genuine friends to me. All those peopl he hangs out with like Nash lil za Khalil the rest are just hanging...

Top20 Canadians I love 0

Top20 Canadians I love

I’ve probaly doine this list here (I HAVE on You TUbe!!) But anyway 1. 1990s-present Country singer-superstar Shania Twain 2. Former T-Mobile girl Carly Foulkes 3. 1920s-50s Decca/Columbia/Capitol records big band leader Guy Lombardo...

Justin wants a time out 0

Justin wants a time out

Justin wants a break, and I don’t we can blame him. I’ve never been a big Bieber defender, and people tend to be pretty unsympathetic to the tribulations of the rich and famous, but...

Breaking the Rules in Tulum 0

Breaking the Rules in Tulum

I am very upset to learn that JB hopped a fence and climbed on a restricted Mayan ruin in Tulum, Mexico. He ignored guards shouting at him and continued to ascend the ruin. This...

After Anne Frank.. 0

After Anne Frank..

Justin Bieber makes a comment that “The Chronicles of Narnia”‘s Susan and Lucy would be beliebers….then Deanna Durvin and Judy Garland would have been beliebers. I know all is said and done (after all,...

Major Photo News about him 0

Major Photo News about him

Here is the news to update and put this in perspective (“Good for Him” and other topics) Amanda Bynes is hot and Lindsay Lohan is not. Profile pic: Courtney Thorne-Smith.

The song "Love Yourself" 0

The song "Love Yourself"

I think that this is another showing of his narccissm, maybe toward Selena (who has her own hits again) and I can’t help but think that it was to be *beep* yourself but changed...