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Country musics version of MC Hammer 4

Country musics version of MC Hammer

No doubt he was the biggest name in the music business for a run of years and then just dropped off the map almost overnight. People became put off by his huge ego and...

Happy Birthday!!! 8

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Garth! Pack it light or pack it heavy, Take a truck, take a chevy, Baby just come back

A German TV Peformance Question 0

A German TV Peformance Question

Can anyone help me with this? A few years ago I found a video on You Tube of Brooks performing “Friends in Low Places” on what I think was a German TV show (don’t...

YouTube Video 0

YouTube Video

I just posted my first YouTube video and I have it set to "When You Come Back to Me Again" by Garth. Everything you’ll need to know about the video is in the description...

song help 0

song help

who sings this song originally? CD says the title is: Why don’t these dreams come true but who is the original artist? lyrics inc: Don’t it feel good when you first fall in love...

SNL Appearance 0

SNL Appearance

i have to admit that, while i am not a fan of country music, i really enjoyed the time Garth Brooks was host on SNL. there is one skit, in particular, where he is...



i have him on dvd & i like his part in the music video "Voices that Care" and his live performances are endlessly great.

Garth to produce Lifetime movie about hit song Unanswered Prayers 0

Garth to produce Lifetime movie about hit song Unanswered Prayers The long-delayed sixth season of "Project Runway" will premiere Aug. 20 on its new network, Lifetime. The announcement was made at Lifetime’s upfront presentation Tuesday in New York, where the cable network also...

Los Angeles charity concerts 0

Los Angeles charity concerts

Last week, Garth performed 5 concerts in 2 days in Los Angeles to benefit LA firefighters. I was fortunate enough to attend one of the concerts, & it was awesome!!! Trisha came on stage,...

Faith Hill 0

Faith Hill

in the 2000 academy awards he was supposed to do a group or duet w/ whitney houston. but got sick or whatever, so she was was replace by faith hill, but didn’t want to...

February 7th 0

February 7th

His birthday is the same day as my cousin whom I hate and she will be arrested soon with the others for their crimes against humanity. I can not wait. What a coincedence they...

anyone on IMDb pro? 0

anyone on IMDb pro?

if you are, could you please PM me Garth Brokk’s talent agent’s deatails. i need them to try and book him for a charity concert. thankyou

Rollin 0


Hello, I am one song away from having every Garth Brooks CD. I was wondering if anybody had the song "Rollin’; on their computer or a CD? If you do, would you please e-mail...

garth brooks retirement song 0

garth brooks retirement song

several months i was flipping channels and flipped to GAC and saw a male singer (parody comedy singer) sing a song with the message garth why did you retire come back it was a...

Happy Birthday! 0

Happy Birthday!

I can’t believe I’m the first one to say this today . . Happy Birthday, Garth! I just want to let you know that I am still a true fan and I miss and...

Chris Gaines Videos HELP 0

Chris Gaines Videos HELP

Can someone help me find downloadable versions of Lost in You and Right Now videos?? And ‘Behind the Life of Chris Gaines’…anyone have this??

The entertainer 0

The entertainer

Anyone else notice the concert DVDs (or at least the Central Park concert) are edited down. For example. they completely cut the part where he explains that they stole Billy Joel’s car before they...

Kidnapped ex-wife 0

Kidnapped ex-wife

He didnt..but whats the story about his ex-wife being kidnapped?? So Many Pedestrians – So Little Time

More than a memory video… 0

More than a memory video…

Maybe this has been discussed but did anyone else notice what great shape he seemed to have gotten himself into for the video. I always thought he was cute but he’s looking pretty hot...

Ultimate Hits 0

Ultimate Hits

I can’t wait for it. It’s gonna be really fantastic. I do have a few little downers though. First of all, where is ‘The Red Strokes’ and ‘Burning Bridges’? These two tracks were on...

The Dance 2

The Dance

was the theme song of prom in 1992, I thought it was an ok song back then, wasn’t really in to country.. hearing it today after not hearing it for years and years… wow,...

Whats his best album? 5

Whats his best album?

I think I’d have to say his debut album, simply ;Garth Brooks; because of ;If Tomorrow Never Comes;, ;Much Too Young to Feel This Damn Old;, and ;The Dance;. Yours?

Come on, Garth, we need DOWNLOADS! 2

Come on, Garth, we need DOWNLOADS!

Download money is as good as any other money, so what’s Garth’s problem? I’m not a country fan but I like the song on the FREQUENCY soundtrack. I’m not going to spend 10.00 for...

The Thunder Rolls Question 2

The Thunder Rolls Question

First of all I absolutely love this song. However I thought I read somewhere that this song was about an affair Garth had is it true? I’ll Shout It Everywhere I go, I Love...

The Night Will Only Know 2

The Night Will Only Know

This song confuses the crap out of me. I get the begining that they’re two people who are married to someone else and they park and start to have sex in the backseat. But...

Garth Brooks video 2

Garth Brooks video

Hi, I’m in England and remember a video that was in the chart in the 90’s where he’s at a grand piano and red petals are falling all around him. I have remembered this...

Song Help 1

Song Help

Beaches of Cheyenne, it is a great song and people said it reminded them of Romeo and Juliet. I myself couldn’t see it, except for the fact the both girls killed themselves because they...

More Than A Memory question 3

More Than A Memory question

when i first heard this song, i was driving in my car thinking about my deceased boyfriend Drew who died 3 years ago of cancer. i needed to hear a good song ya know...

SNL question 2

SNL question

I seem to remember an SNL sketch where he makes a deal the devil to become a great guitarist. I think Will Ferrell played the devil. Can anyone confirm this? Also, any idea where...

He needs to tour again…… 2

He needs to tour again……

I would love to see him in concert again. But again he has to go on tour when he is ready. His music never gets old. ๐Ÿ™‚ Stick a fork in me im done!

Garth is the MAN! 1

Garth is the MAN!

Garth is completly awsome! I love his music. I love his Chris Gaines music. I know almost every single one of his songs from his hits to the album music. My favroite hit song...

Garth or George? 9

Garth or George?

I prefer both. Both of them are some of the best people in country music. They saved country. If I had to pick one I’d have to go with George only because of ;Write...

Christmas Song Question 1

Christmas Song Question

There was a Christmas song that Garth did where he talks in the middle of the song, and starts telling some sappy story about some special Christmas in his life. I cannot remember the...



Just got back from watching the broadcast of the Kansas City concert with my fiance (even though we weren’t there in person, it was still the best concert either of us have seen). He...