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Her Brother Is Dead 3

Her Brother Is Dead

Her brother Daniel, 59 has passed away, cancer again. I feel really sorry for Celine to lose 2 family members in days is awful.

Celine looks terrible 3

Celine looks terrible

I just watched TV and saw her at the funeral of her husband but she lookes terrible, her make up and hair just didn’t look glamorous.

Happy Birthday, Celine! 1

Happy Birthday, Celine!

Wow! Can’t believe that tomorrow is your birthday! Happy Birthday to the lovely Ms. Celine Dion whose songs include My Heart Will Go On from Titanic, To Love You More, A New Day Has...

Songs at the funeral? 1

Songs at the funeral?

For anyone who watched the service. Are any of her songs that were the French ones available in English as well? Does anyone also know what the names of the songs were? Thanks. By...

Surgery? Botox? 7

Surgery? Botox?

Why did Celine get plastic surgery and/or botox? I hate the fact that every famous woman is getting things done. But when women like Celine or Barbra Streisand do it I wonder why. They...

She looks old 8

She looks old

Just realized she was only 27 when titanic came out I swear I thought she was in her mid-late 30s. That’s like today’s Lindsay Lohan who’s 26 or Katy Perry who’s 28/29, what a...

Nightmare 2


I woke up from this awful dream the other night wherein young Celine never pursued a singing career and instead became a dental nurse and just sang to herself in the shower in a...

Celines Top 25 Music Videos 0

Celines Top 25 Music Videos

I’ve made a Top 25 Celine Dion Music Videos: What do you think? Agree/disagree? My YouTube channel:

Hang in, Celine 0

Hang in, Celine

Sad to hear what Celine is going through with Rene’s cancer. My father suffered terribly at the end, but I know he was glad I was there for him, as Rene is for you,...

Celine  singing in Mandarin 0

Celine singing in Mandarin

Celine Dion has sung in Mandarin on Chinese state television. The ‘My Heart Will Go On’ singer made the appearance as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, taking on the famous native folk...

May he rest in peace 0

May he rest in peace

Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight...

Congratulations! 0


Congrats Celine! You had your twin this weekend! I’m so happy for you! ๐Ÿ™‚ ;Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?;

Concert help please 0

Concert help please

Ok I remember back in the day when the Disney channel was the best during the 90s…. At night they would show concert shows for adults… Well they had a Celine Dion concert. She...

Favorite memory 0

Favorite memory

I went trick or treating at Celine’s house on Halloween in 1999. Also I have a picture with her.

So Cool 0

So Cool

Not Celine, but this -her-backyard/39959 I’m glad Obama won, but I will not jump on the Pro-Choice bandwagon

Anyone have these songs? 0

Anyone have these songs?

Love You Blind Be the Man I have them on cassette and have no luck finding a MP3 of them. I don’t procrastinate…I reschedule.

prayer to superman 0

prayer to superman

you are supergirl and listen to melodic love songs to work with me superman from LUX universe my favorite kind are music are lady antebellum NEED YOU NOW

Have to give her credit 3

Have to give her credit

She was blessed with a a dynamite voice that would in and of itself only taken her so far. She was not a very attractive girl and her stage presense was awful (And still...

Whats your favorite Celine Dion album? 8

Whats your favorite Celine Dion album?

Mine’s a tie between ;Let’s Talk About Love" and "A New Day Has Come." Although "These Are Special Times" could probably make it a triple tie if a Christmas album could count.

which song is 2

which song is

I only remember abit about the video clip from seeing it on tv ages ago. The video had people of all races, young and old people and the were like standing in what looked...

why is she so disliked? 7

why is she so disliked?

Seems like anytime her name is mentioned it results in looks of disgust. Yes, her personality is kind of annoying but I think she’s got a great voice. I mean, I know people that...