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Happy Birthday 8

Happy Birthday

Wishing Adele all the best on her birthday. I’m a totally bitchin’ bio writer from Mars!

Happy Birthday, Adele! 2

Happy Birthday, Adele!

Wow! Can’t believe that tomorrow is your birthday! Happy Birthday to an Oscar-winning music legend named Adele whose songs include Chasing Pavements, Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You, and the latest hit single...

The Road To "25": "25" Review 2

The Road To "25": "25" Review

So I’m a huge Adele fan and want to look back on her past three albums by reviewing them. So I’ll start with her debut from ’08 and work my way up. 19 (2008)...

Adele’s LAUGH 2

Adele’s LAUGH

I love her laugh – it’s absolutely infectious! Saw this weird interview and it’s making me cry it’s so dumb and funny.

She has an Incredible Voice 1

She has an Incredible Voice

I saw a few postings about her weight on the way in here. I don’t think she looks ugly, but if her excess weight is a health risk, she’d better lose more than a...

Lip syncing……………. 4

Lip syncing…………….

Saw her on the Today show and she was totally lip syncing. So fake because you don’t sing like that and barely move or take a deep breathe. You can tell when she starts...

Amy Winehouse and Adele 4

Amy Winehouse and Adele

Can you check this out if you have the time. Its an article I did about the two of them. The comparisons between them what they thought of each other and who I prefer....

I thought she was 40. 5

I thought she was 40.

I watched Skyfall for the first time last night, and after looking up Adele’s information I really thought she was 40+ years old. Hard to believe she is only 26. I guess that’s what...

Triple Threat 2

Triple Threat

Beautiful, with a terrific personality and an amazing voice! I realize everyone has a right to their own opinion….well, this is mine!

Carpool Karaoke 2

Carpool Karaoke

Adele will be on Carpool Karaoke on The Late, Late Show with James Corden this Wed Jan 13th. (If you don’t know what it is, it’s where James drives singers around aimlessly and they...

The woman is fat but… 4

The woman is fat but…

…Hot Damn she is gorgeous, and has a very beautiful and powerful voice. This is coming from a guy that grew up listening to Classic Rock and Metal, I’m sold!

But… That voice… 2

But… That voice…

She is a very beautiful woman, I will give her that much credit. Too bad she grates like she’s been a chain-smoker for 90 years. Like galvanized steel box nails on a blackboard. On...

New album 25 is amazing! 8

New album 25 is amazing!

Her new album 25 is excellent. She sounds great and the songs are fantastic. It is definitely one of the best albums of the year. Go buy it now!

Next Single? 1

Next Single?

What do you think should be the next single from Adele’s 25 album? My pick would be `Water Under the Bridge`.



Someone needs to make a Fairport Convention/Sandy Denny movie and cast Adele as Denny. She would be FANTASTIC playing Sandy.

Great voice and style, but looks 40 and is obese 9

Great voice and style, but looks 40 and is obese

Why doesn’t she do anything about her obesity? She’s not an opera singer after all. With the wonders offered by today’s guided dieting for the filthy rich, she should be able to slim down...

Adele on SNL – No Instruments 1

Adele on SNL – No Instruments

So, saw this online and had to post it here. It’s Adele singing on SNL, but the instruments and all other noise is removed. It’s just her voice – pure, powerful, and hauntingly, eerily...

Hello from the other side… 3

Hello from the other side…

Thanks Adele, now I’ve got this earworm playing over and over again in my head, not that I’m complaining. 😃 Damn, she’s got some pipes on her! Love it! ♥ AVADA KEDAVRA!!!

Xavier Dolan directs Adele in "Hello" 1

Xavier Dolan directs Adele in "Hello"

Adele has taken her broken pieces and her sturdier qualities and spliced them together. Xavier Dolan is able to frame all of this as a relationship drama, stuffed within a mournful fall coating:

It was bound to happen… 0

It was bound to happen…

An Oscar nomination. Best Song for a movie (or something like that). considering her talent and voice. 😀

Feature film debut 0

Feature film debut

Looks like she will be part of the cast of a star-studded movie, “The Death and Life of John F. Donovan.”

I’d Love To Hear Her Sing…. 0

I’d Love To Hear Her Sing….

… "(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.; I don’t know if she has already, but if she hasn’t, I would love to really hear her sing that song. Don’t really know why, but...

Congratulation 0


She was fabulous at the Oscar night! Her Singing is superb and she deserve the Oscar award, well done!

Never Should Have Won an Oscar for ;Skyfall; 0

Never Should Have Won an Oscar for ;Skyfall;

Personally, I find that song dull and nobody should have won an Oscar for that song. I’m sure that if Adele reads this she will start swearing like a drunken sailor, but who cares!!

Ludwig Van never sounded better. 0

Ludwig Van never sounded better.

I love Adele’s voice and I’m fanatical about Beethoven, imagine when they came together for one of her biggest hits: Someone Like You. When I first heard the song I was astounded by her...

YAY!! Adele’s Oscar debut tonight!! 0

YAY!! Adele’s Oscar debut tonight!!

Anyone else?? I sure am super excited to see her sing!! and if she wins I am excited to hear whats shes gonna say in her acceptance speech. Auntie Mame: "Live! Life’s a banquet...

The best Adele prank 0

The best Adele prank

In case anybody on here hasn’t seen it (I’m sure pretty much everybody has, though) but I wanted to share it, anyway! ________ Yes, that’s me, Little Miss Lee.

New BBC America special 0

New BBC America special

“Adele: Live in London” premiered last night after the BAFTAs…it was great, with Graham Norton interviewing her, and interaction with the audience. It’s also on tonight, Mon Feb 15. 😉

Adele info 0

Adele info LOOK OUT, HERE COMES ADELE New Album, New Deal, New Fleet of TV Looks Set to Dominate Q4 The long-awaited return of XL/Columbia’s Adele is slated for 11/20, and is naturally expected to...

Sky Foal! 0

Sky Foal!

Crumb bowl. —————- Hitler was a dog person.