Meesa name is Captain Tarpals… and I approve dis message

Once upon a time, there was a Gungan captain of a grand army. He surpassed da buffoonery of da famous Gungan bumblin clown JarJar. He came to battle da SW message board traitors known as da prequel haters! Hims do battle to drive da prequel haters back into da Gungan swamps. Then captain sends them through da planet core! “Now gooooo!!”

Tarpals actions help create freedom for more SW message boarders whoms love all SW, and supports all SW alien life forms! Dis is why Captain Tarpals endorses Ackbar Ackbar 2016!! For a safer, more secure society! Dis president whoms will defend all SW and put a stop to dese prequel hating terrorist attacks!! Hims will bring honor to the Mon Calamari, Hutts, Gungans, and all SW avatar identities! And most importantly, hims will honor da sacrifice of da Bothans!!!

My name is Captain Tarpals! And meesa approve dis message which many Bothans died to bring you!

“Ouch time!”

This may be the worst of all time

It makes Rob Zombies Halloween look like one of the best horror films of all time. It makes Daddy’s Home look like one of the best comedies of all time. It makes After Earth look like one of the best Sci-Fi films of all time, and it makes me want to vomit all over is ridiculous juvenile bumbling stumbling bozo humor for the iPhone generation. Jesus Christ I’ll never get back those hours of my life.

Absolute garbage

Has nothing to do with the fact that it didn’t need a reboot. Has nothing to do with the fact that they made the main characters women. It was just utter trash. *beep* than the Phantom Menace, and that should tell you a lot about how bad this movie is. Not a single laugh. I think a fat lady in the back of the theatre laughed once, but that could just have been her choking on some popcorn.

Phony girl power helps no one

How about admiring REAL LIFE women who have contributed to equality instead of four shoe-horned message-carrying bores that were awkwardly transplanted into an awful movie?

And how many times ****ing do I have to watch Melissa McCarthy play the EXACT SAME bumbling sharp-tongued frump?

If this movie was supposed to further the gender, the gender is in serious trouble.

This movie is trash!

The original Ghosbusters is a truly enjoyable film, but this reboot is just awful. I didn’t find the puerile humor to be funny at all. I found the all women Ghostbusters to be in your face feminist annoying. Please don’t waste your money on this awful unfunny film. And it had a budget of $144 million! What a joke!

><> <><

If you dont consider Ghostbusters a box office failure …

If you don’t consider Ghostbusters a box office failure, how do you define a failure?

After two weekends, Ghostbusters will have a domestic gross in the $85 million range and will have earned around 66% of what it will from theaters in North America; and this would mean the lifetime domestic earnings would be around $135 million. On top of that, the foreign box-office will probably represent under 40% of the worldwide box-office which puts this movies’ worldwide box office total in the $225 million range. Even if you assume that the studio earns 50% of the box office, this means that Sony would have earned $112.5 million off of a movie that cost $144 million to produce and (probably) another $100 million to market; for a total loss of about $130 million.

How much money does a movie have to lose before it is a failure?

The audience RT score proves people were just hating.

Anybody who knows RT knows the audience score pretty much always drops down from opening weekend. Why? Because all the people who really want to see the movie usually go opening weekend, they’re the target audience, they were looking forward to it, and they rate high. As time goes on it usually drops 5-10% and settled at closer to a more accurate representation of the general public. Ghostbusters is the only movie I’ve seen that went up significantly. It was at 46% when I checked opening weekend, it’s at 58% now. That just shows that people were just down voting it out of hate. In fact I think I checked Friday, which would mean that there’s a good chance lots of those people hadn’t even seen it. Again, pure hate. Never in my life have I seen a movie jump up 12 percent in its RT score from first to second weekend. I don’t know if it’s misogyny or holding on to the original or just jumping on the bandwagon, but the unreasonable hate is undeniable, imo.